Thursday, October 30, 2014

Personally Handicapped

Oh the irony!

As many of you know, I run the Omega Billiards Tour, which is a handicapped tour.

Running a handicapped tour comes with headaches because so many people complain about either their handicap or the handicap of others. 

  • I should be moved down
  • Why am I this rank?
  • Why hasn't "so and so" been moved up yet?
  • You moved me up, they should be moved up.  We play even!
  • I don't even play pool anymore, I should be moved down.
  • If I have to give that person a game, I wont play.
  •  etc....

Although it's part of the job, it can lead to many upset days for myself as people vent and bitch to me a lot.  But, I know it comes with the territory and I deal with it as best I can.

I love running the tour and I love that there is a tour in the Dallas-Fort worth area for the players to play in!  So, handicap bitching is just part of the package deal, and I am up for it.  But like I told someone via text recently, although I am trying to have thicker skin, I'm still a girl!  I.e. Please still be kind.  :)

So, imagine my surprise when I played in the ACS Texas State tourney and I complained about my handicap!

Yep, I sure did.

Here's the deal:

I am listed as an Advanced Player in ACS.  But for some reason ACS has Advanced AND Master Players in the same 8-ball category.  So, for all the Advanced players, we had to go +2 games in the ACS Texas State tourney.  AND, so did the Master players. 

So, Open players in the women's division raced to 4, and I raced to 6.  (men was 5/7)

This year a Grand Master entered the tourney.  She had to go +3.

So, it was 4/6/7. 

When it would make more sense to go 4/5/7.  Right?

I truly felt like Advanced male and female players should only go ONE game more, Master players should go 2 games more, and Grand Master players go 3 games more.

Instead, I'm playing tough Open players and having to go 2 + games extra.  And so did the men Advanced players (and yes they complained, too).  Actually, we have been complaining for a couple of years about it.

The other two Advanced female players thought that the Grand Master should at least go 2 + games when playing Advanced players (which I hadn't thought of), but were told no.

I actually felt bad I voiced my concerns over the handicap.  But I also felt it was justified.  I did this mostly via email and did not come across as rude, and if I did speak in person I never raised my voice and I always expressed my appreciation for their hard work.  (and trust me, I understand!)

Just the irony of it all!

I have to say I am very thankful they even allow Advanced and Master players to play in the singles event.  There isn't enough of those players to have separate events so at least we can still play.  (Click here to read how I did in the tourney).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Team Shirts - Texas ACS

During league State tournaments, your team has to wear matching shirts.

So, every single year we buy new shirts.  On previous teams, we would get these collared shirts embroidered, which cost additional monies from our pockets.

One of these days I'll take a pic of all the league shirts I have stuffed away in one of my not-used closets.  But I know all you league players are in the same situation.

For those that are not, at state and regional and national tourneys you have to wear collared shirts.  T-shirts are not allowed. 

UNLESS - you buy the event t-shirt at the state events.

So, you can't where t-shirts, but if you buy one of their t-shirts, you can wear it in the events.

And, this is the same for the team event.

While I'm not really 100% sold on this, I guess it makes sense b/c they are promoting their event AND making money.

Let's face it - it's easier to buy 5 or 6 state event shirts for a team, rather than running around trying to find a cool collared shirt that every team member is okay with.

Here I am at the ACS Texas State tourney with the event t-shirt on while we played in teams:

I don't usually wear t-shirts.  But more so, I don't normally tuck my shirt in, but am trying to do that more.

What is really weird to me about the team event t-shirts is you can wear ANY color option available of the t-shirts.  So, on my team we had black, red, and blue shirts!  Even though they all looked the same, they were all different colors.

The collared team shirts have to be the same color, yet the event team t-shirts do not.  I do not understand!

Anyway, there is your State team shirt update, lol.  BTW, this is the same for ACS and BCAPL Texas State tourneys.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Video Tour of Jamaica Joe's

Didn't come out too great, but hopefully you can see how awesome Jamaica Joe's in Oklahoma City is:

Monday, October 27, 2014


I played in the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop at Jamaica Joe's in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this past weekend.

My road partner and I, Jenny Pav, went to Jamaica Joe's last year together.  And, we made the trek together up there again.  And ironically, we finished the exact same as last year!  I placed 9th, and she placed 7th again.

I didn't play too well and was disappointed, but that's okay, I'm not going to play well in every tourney I enter.  I do love me some diamond bar tables though - WOW!

My first match, I run out to the 8 and scratch.  I also missed a tough 9-ball later and a tough combo on the 9.  That's three games right there and a brutal scratch on the 7 ball cost me the match and I lost 5-7.  :(

I then won my next two matches but they were newbies and timid.  And my third opponent was very drunk.  She even left her cues at the pool room (but took her cue case!).  Unfortunately for her she lives about 6 hours away from Oklahoma City. 

I then played a determined, Lisa Marr.  I just wasn't playing well enough to beat her, and she ended up placing second, so that shows how well she was playing all weekend.  It was really good to see her though - she's always a treasure to be around.

The highlight of my trip was when my friend Bobbi came to visit me for about an hour or two.  I've written about her before.

Here we are posing:

As I reflect back, maybe I just thought I would magically play well.  I prolly should not have gone to this tourney.  I had a great event just the previous weekend, but still having this dreaded sore throat and a cold makes for a not very comfy feeling when trying to compete.  I also had some pains in my right forearm.  Hoping that goes away and doesn't affect my pool playing career in the future.

I placed 9th.  Only 25 ladies showed up, so I didn't even get in the money.  Ugher.