Monday, July 28, 2014

Not Sharing Magic Rack

One of our scotch doubles teams in Vegas for BCAPL Nationals was using a Magic Rack.  We thought they should have told us we could use it (we broke first and didn't see they had a magic rack) because I remembered that if one uses it, then both can use it.

After they broke second, we asked if we could use the rack. They told us they asked a ref in the previous match and the ref said they didn't have to share it!


They said the ref said we would have to buy one.


While we thought balls go in more easily with the magic rack, my partner made a ball or more on the break every time and we didn't worry about it anymore. got me thinking.  So, I could use a magic rack during my singles matches?  I wasn't breaking well and maybe that would help.

But then I realized how horrible I would feel if I didn't let my opponents use the magic rack as well. Just thinking about it made me feel uneasy.  Like I would be cheating or trying to have an advantage, EVEN THO the rule is I don't have to share.

But I have such a huge heart (versus a competitive heart) and couldn't even fathom doing that.  Just not in my nature at all.

I would feel like I was being mean.  And I just could not do that. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Defensive Team Asshole

I was talking to my scotch doubles partner during a break between matches in Vegas.  This may surprise you,  but we didn't really know each other too well and never even had any convo before we played together for the first time in April, or even after that.  Living in different cities and being on different teams does that.

I asked him who was on his team playing in Vegas with him.  He told me all the names, and one guy I reacted with,  "I don't like that guy.  He's rude to me and says inappropriate things. "

"He is different, but I get along with him, once I figured out he's just kinda like that," he said kinda defending the guy.

I tried to reinforce just how crude he can be.

Then my scotch partners' response caught me off guard:  "well it's unfortunate he treats you that way and makes you feel uncomfortable, but it's always good to have an Asshole on every team."



He continues, "a defensive Asshole. 


"We had one, you know, in case our opponents had one."

He shared how one time a guy on the opposing team was making every one of his teammates re-rack a few times each game, and being real nitpicky.  He was frustrating all his teammates because he was being rude about it.   

As soon as his Asshole teammate played the rude guy,  his Asshole teammate made THAT guy re-rack like 15 times.  He said,  "In that one game, he made up for the entire team all the number of times the rude guy made us re-rack!"

Ahhhh, "defensive team Asshole,"  lol.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Not Looking at the Crowd Surprise

I have written before not to look at the crowd during matches.  This really helps me stay focused entirely on my match.  It also helps me from being distracted from anyone in the crowd.  Nothing worse than seeing someone you don't like watching, or you notice someone who gives you bad vibes (we all have that person(s)).

I have "trained" myself so well with this tip, that something kinda crazy happened in one of matches in Vegas for BCAPL last weekend.

I was in the middle of a really tough match.  I noticed a guy sat down to watch.  Then a couple came to watch.  I thought , "dang, my opponent has a lot of support!" 

I got up 3-1 and prolly played my best pool of all week in this match. But a bad leave on an 8-ball cost me the 4-1 win. 

Next thing you know, I'm fighting for my life.... it goes hill-hill!

And even MORE people have come to watch her play!

At this point, I have run out of water.  I had two small short containers of water, but I ran out.  And I'm the type of player that needs to stay hydrated in my matches.   And being hill-hill,  I REALLY didn't want to not have my water.  Water also gives me energy and wakes me up, which I have written about before.

My opponent played really well and we were in a long safety game.

I REALLY didn't want to leave while she was at the table, but I needed my water!

I finally walked away quickly while she was at the table, all the while I'm looking back to watch her so I could wave I was down the long aisle getting water from the free water cooler.

I walked very briskly back and apologized for leaving. "Sorry, I had no one to ask to get me water."   Feeling kinda silly saying pretty much I have no friends, lmao.  Just kidding, I have a few ;)

She was super kind and said no problem and then I immediately took my turn to shoot another safety.

Long story short,  I managed to win hill-hill!   


As I am putting my cues up, the first guy that came to sit down to watch her play says, "Great win, Melinda."

I finally look up, and look AT him for the first time (because I don't look at the crowd).  Oh my goodness, he was MY friend!  Not hers!  LOL.  The whole time I did have a friend, cheerleader, supporter, but didn't even realize it, lol.

He even tells me, "I could tell you needed water but could also tell that you were really focused and I didn't want to ruin that."

I laughed as I told him, "yeah,  I don't look at the crowd when I'm playing. "  He laughed some more and said "I noticed so didn't want to disrupt your focus."

Which I REALLY appreciated.

He was from Kansas and flying out that afternoon.  He was only in town for work and stopped by to see some friends play.  He scudded quickly off to watch another friend as I went to my next match.

Funny - I had no idea til that match just how dedicate I am to not looking around!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Guess The Emoji - Game

I wrote about WordFeud the other day, and now Guess the Emoji game has pool related words, too. (well, I could be any sport, but I'm picking pool!)

Hope you can figure this out  :)