Friday, December 19, 2014

How to Not Thinkg About Those Around You And Play POOL

A guy at the pool room was saying how he can't play good pool in front of the players that have known him for a long time, but in front of new players he plays good. 

Evidently, he had just started to come back around to play pool, so he felt like all the players he used to know were judging him about why he hadn't improved more.

He asked me if I knew why that was that he played so differently in front of different people? 

I told him, basically, that he's not thinking about pool. 

I told him what I learned from Phil Capelle a long time ago:  Focus on your fundamentals and pre-shot routine, and also your 3-ball shape.  If you do that, then your mind will be busy focusing in playing your best pool, and you wont be thinking or worried about who is watching or around you!

Then he scooted off excited to play more pool. 

Women's International Pool Championship

The Women's International Pool Championship is going on right now in New York, December 16th-21st, 2014 at Steinway Cafe-Billiards.

I actually got an invite!

I could not believe it, really.  I was very honored they thought of me.

But I could not take a week off of work, could not afford the airfare, nor the entry fee (about $500 or so), plus all the NY expenses, lol.

Plus, and most importantly, I do not even care if I play with the pros or not.

I'm just not interested honestly.  

I don't put in any practice and I'm not even close to the pro level, so why spend all that money to go?

I found out I could save a smidgen of money b/c I could have stayed for free, but still - airfare and entry alone was over $1,000, plus losing 5 days of work. 

It just wasn't feasible to me.

I will say that I have played in a pro event (the WPBA Women's U.S. Open) and I LOVED the experience!  I even won a match  :)  lol.  But, it was within driving distance and I shared a room with another player.  And, I only had to take about two days off from work.

I will never forget that experience, ever.  

But the cost of playing/flying/staying in NY is not worth it for me.   

Ironically, I'm not even jealous of all the pics and posts from the event from my friends.  I'm just happy for them that they get to play the game we love in such an awesome setting!  And one of my friends, Debra, has never played in a pro event before and I am SO excited for her!  She will love reflecting like I have with my first pro event.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bowling Trick Shots (video clip)

I wonder if bowling trick shots are as tough to learn as pool trick shots?

Check these out:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CoWorker Surprise

I mentioned in blog entry just last week that I don't normally share my pool life with my coworkers.  I have about one million reasons why, and here lists just a few:  LINK ONE, LINK TWO

So, I go to dinner with a few ladies from work last night, something they do for the Christmas season, and I finally said yes to the invitation.

As I sat there, eating my meal and mostly listening, one of my coworkers starts to ask me about pool.  They are aware I play pool, but no one really knows any details or how often I play.  I am hardly friends with any coworkers on facebook so they don't even see those posts about pool tourneys or anything.

Here's how the convo went:

Me:  (eating)

CoWorker:  "Hey Melinda, you played any pool lately?"

Me:   "Yea, last weekend, in Arlington."

CoWorker:  "Hey, uh, have you ever qualified to go to those nationals tournaments, I think in Vegas?"

Me:   (I reply softly), "Yea, I won last year."

CoWorker:  "What?  You are going this year?"

Me:  "No, I WON it last year."

CoWorker:  "Won what?"

Me:   "The tournament.  In Vegas.  Back in May."

CoWorker:  "You did??"

And then many of my other coworkers turn to look at me.

Me:   "Yea, I did."

CoWorker:  "What does that mean?"

Me:   "I'm a National Champion."

CoWorker:  "Wow, really?!  That's great.  Have you won others?"

Me:  "Yea, I won the state one in April."

CoWorker:  "You mean a Texas one?"

Me:   "Yea..."

CoWorker:  "Wow, I had no idea, that's wonderful!"

And then I continue to eat my food, feeling uncomfortable talking about myself.

It shows just how much I don't share my pool life with my coworkers.  I really try to keep them  separate.