Friday, March 27, 2015

Why You So Mad?

Well, the bad play continued for me on Tuesday.

I had a few nice runs, but then would miss a tough shot here and there.  I only won two matches out of five that league night.

I have been pretty bummed about it.

And then I had league on Thursday against a really tough team.  Two of the girls are in the top rankings and the team plays good.

Losing FOUR matches last week moved me down in the rankings in my ladies league so tonight was critical to me.

I actually hit a rack of balls before we started.  I told my team, "you know something is wrong with me if I'm hitting balls."

I was trying to figure out if something was wrong with my fundamentals or what.

I won the first game by playing some smart moves.  I missed a key ball, but then came with it in the end.  It boosted my confidence to kick a ball in and then come with a nice shot to make the 8ball.  I needed that for sure.

In the next match, I played good safes again.  I tried not to go for too many risky shots and instead play super TIGHT with more safes. 

It worked!

I won that match, too.

Next game I again played safe a lot.  After my first "mean" safe, my opponent asks me, "why you so mad?"

LMAO!  That was hysterical!

She had seen me safety her teammate the previous match and here I was doing it some more to her lol.

I replied, "I have been playing bad.  Gotta do something."

After I won that game, as I'm high-fiving my teammates, I say, "uh, I might be back."

I win the next game, this time running out well after some safes.  Again I tell my teammates after while I'm high-fiving, "Uh, oh, I really think I am back."

Even though I lost my last match, it was a really long safety battle and it felt great to play smart and good.

Maybe I'm back?  Not sure - but playing tighter REALLY helped my scores!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Signs on Pool Tables

Okay, I wont!

Saw these on every side of the pool tables at league one Thursday night.  Guess they have issues with some patrons...

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Oh my goodness, am I in a rut?

I played badly on Tuesday at league, then Thursday at league.  What does this mean?

Does it mean too much is on my mind?  Did I just play against better players and didn't play tight?

I think I have been doing well at league because of the mistakes other players make.  In other words, I was getting more chances.  It wasn't because I was running magical racks.

I didn't get many chances last week and I also didn't play as tight.  I took my safeties for granted and didn't really play great ones.  Further, I underestimated my opponents for sure.

But, I also have a lot on my mind.  And I am not mentally strong right now.

Maybe it's a combo of it all?

All I know is I have only about two weeks to figure all this out because that's when BCAPL Texas State takes place in Temple, Texas.  Doesn't look like I will be able to defend that title if I can't figure all this out.


Isn't the end of the world, but still important to my little heart.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jack Nicklaus Thoughts on Staying Sharp

From Jack Nicklaus
"Seve (Ballesteros) went to that Masters not having played very much golf," Nicklaus explained.
"I remember he and I were playing a practice round and he said to me 'I'm not as sharp as I should be'.
"As soon as he said it, I knew when Steve came down the stretch on Sunday, he wasn't going to be as tough as he'd usually be. When he hit his ball into the water at 15 in the final round, it was the type of swing you'd expect from somebody who wasn't sharp.
"And being sharp is being tournament tested on a recent basis. "

 Key words:  being tournament tested on a recent basis